Communication Strategy is tailor-made, since there is no single solution fitting everyone.

The Communication Plan: a fundamental communication process for companies

The first basics of communication maintains that “It is impossible not to communicate”. De facto, when individuals interact with one another, they are able to communicate even in non-verbal way.

In that sense, a necessary communicative process in a company is the Communication Plan, a tool that allows to explain strategies, activities, time and resources that will be used to achieve the established goals as well as programming, managing and supervising strategies and predicted actions.

A customised communication plan

The communication strategies are tailor-made considering that there is not a single solution efficient for everybody and everywhere.

COMMED I A sets goals, targets and strategies on the basis of the specific client's demands and develops a communication plan, where each aspect has to respond to the logic of a single creative framework and to the philosophy of the selected concept.

The message is shaped according to the different tools used in the most effective ways.

COMMED I A communication plan, optimized from time to time for the different work cycles, is the result of a consolidated experience in the fields of old and new communication, both offline and online.


COMMED I A is a Communication and ICT Agency, Microsoft Gold certified, based in Lecce and operating throughout Italy. Specialized in Web Solutions, thanks to a team of both Sitefinity and SharePoint developers, it plans and realises projects in the fields of graphic and web design, advertising, social media and web marketing, press office, political communication, PR and events, training.

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