All along Co.M.Media conceives and realizes products and services to create visibility and sustain marketing strategies. Nowadays, the largest part of these strategies pass through the Net and Co.M.Media is an incredible ally for an effective presence on the web, therefore able to develop business.



There are many Web marketing channels that are constantly evolving : these methods originated from the socalled web 2.0, which made the communication multidirectional and raised interactvity levels. Therefore, a superficial and unprofessional use of these environments can not only be unuseful, but also damaging.

Trusting Co.M.Media means to take advantage of the web in the right way, creating and keeping an appropriate web reputation thanks to the optimization of the presence of search engines, the incisiveness of profiles on social networks, email or text marketing activities and much more.


Co.M.Media is an Information and Communication Technology Agency, based in Lecce, operating throughout Italy. Microsoft Gold certified, Specialized in Web Solutions, thanks to a Sitefinity Team and to SharePoint developers. Web and Graphic Designs, Advertising, Social Media and Web Marketing, Press Office, Political Communication, PR and events, training.

Contacts Us

Via Foscarini, 18
73010 Lequile (LECCE)
P.Iva 03485250751

Phone: 0832 228509

Fax: 0832 220867



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