What does the user do on my site? Who is he? How does he interact?

A web analitycs, these days, is a key factor within the complex business intelligence strategy of each company, since a report on data related to one’s own presence on web can determine choices, actions, programs.

Co.M.Media is an irreplaceable ally in web analitycs, because the organization and interpretation of data needs professionalism and specific competences. Co.M.Media collects, measures and analyzes data, in order to use the right tools and create the right messages.. A web site without a web analitycs system is, almost certainly, an investment without control possibility and poorly efficient.


Co.M.Media is an Information and Communication Technology Agency, based in Lecce, operating throughout Italy. Microsoft Gold certified, Specialized in Web Solutions, thanks to a Sitefinity Team and to SharePoint developers. Web and Graphic Designs, Advertising, Social Media and Web Marketing, Press Office, Political Communication, PR and events, training.

Contacts Us

Via Foscarini, 18
73010 Lequile (LECCE)
P.Iva 03485250751

Phone: 0832 228509

Fax: 0832 220867

Email: info@commediasrl.it

Pec: commediasrl@pec.it

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