COMMED I A and its team of specialised developers offer consultancy and both software and customised web-Apps development, to support companies and grant benefits to their clients in terms of efficiency, time and costs reduction.

The development of software and web-applications is based on the use of increasingly innovative technologies, aimed to the creation of products and services able to optimise the relation between companies and market, producing visibility and business opportunities.  

The constant evolution of information technologies prompts opportunities to improve, simplify and optimize the work within public corporations and private companies, aiming to the optimization of organizational processes.

Customised Software development

The software packages created by COMMED I A are tailor-made following the client's needs. Starting from the analysis of the company demands, they plan a software solution able to face and solve possible critical issues, using ever new tools and improving the company efficiency.

The development of a customised software aims to make the work easier, to improve the interconnections among human resources and to obtain a consequent business optimization.

Web Applications

COMMED I A develops software applications dedicated to data interaction and management, firmly integrated with web systems and, as a consequence, able to execute both synchronisation and apdate advanced procedures.

The IT infrastructure is a fundamental component of a company, both for the support to web-applications and for what concerns the secure and reliable information management. A fast and flexible evolution of the available applications helps to suits the changing enterprise business demands as soon as possible, protecting the security at the same time.

COMMED I A allows their clients to manage broad ranges of data and gain the greatest output from the development of applications, based on global connectivity.

COMMED I A uses for its clients, security and protection tools, both “centralised”, to protect shared server and computer sources, and “user-side”, to safeguard resources used by individuals, managing firewall, centralised antivirus, antispam, anti-spyware, proxy server, users authentication.

Development of web-Applications based on Microsoft technologies, especially on the SharePoint technology.

Web-Applications development with  

  • HTML 5, CSS, JavaScript
  • ASP .NET (C#,
  • Java
  • C/C++
  • Objective C
  • PHP
  • Microsoft SQL Server
  • Oracle
  • MySql
  • Postgresql
  • Ajax
  • Rails




COMMED I A is a Communication and ICT Agency, Microsoft Gold certified, based in Lecce and operating throughout Italy. Specialized in Web Solutions, thanks to a team of both Sitefinity and SharePoint developers, it plans and realises projects in the fields of graphic and web design, advertising, social media and web marketing, press office, political communication, PR and events, training.

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