The advantage in communicating through internet by means of a website or an intranet

The realisation of a good website allows to communicate throught the net in a quick and efficient way, sending clear and immediate messages to the possible company clients.

At the same time, an intranet allows to improve the communication of a public administration or a private company, facilitating, simplifying and accelerating the access to info and their sharing.
A website is an incredible opportunity for professionals and companies. It is an efficient marketing tool that provides the meeting between supply and demand. Nevertheless, in order to develop an efficient website, it is necessary to realise it as a real "business tool", aimed to reinforce the brand, get new clients and loyalise the existing ones.

Website development: "planning" is the watchword

In order to obtain great achievements in the websites development, the very important thing is to plan every action and pass, then, to the realization. Before starting the project, we need to concentrate mainly on the business purposes, the client wants to reach.

Once we have set these fundamental criteria, we can start with the web layout design that points to valorise the company identity through textual, visual and multimedia contents, inside a comfortable and functioning navigation scheme, optimised for all the browsers and both desktop and mobile devices - responsive website - and respecting usability and accessibility requirements.

The same method should be used to realise a website restyling, concerning not just the graphic side, but that should adopt a realisational criteria including a qualitative improvement of the company communication, with the goal of converting web users to real clients.

Website development in Lecce

COMMED I A has a multi-year experience in website realisation. It started by dealing with websites development in Lecce, and then has expanded its range in Puglia and throughout Italy. COMMED I A handles the development of both dynamic and customised websites, choosing the technology that fits at best its clients demands and the goals they want to reach, by using both proprietary and open source platform: Sharepoint, Liferay, Sitefinity, Alfresco, Joomla, Wordpress, Drupal, Prestashop (when it is about ecommerce), just to mention the most used ones.

Supported by a multidisciplinary team, that includes experts on webdesign, web marketing, programming, content editing and SEO, COMMED I A designs and realises websites and portals with original graphic and design, customised for your company, conversion-oriented and able to earn business achievement.

Once the work is completed, COMMED I A cooperates with the company/client on the website content management, through a solid training phase for the autonomous updates publication or creating high-quality content with its content writing service.

In addition to this COMMED I A handles other activities. If you want to get more traffic on your website or ecommerce, find out or Web Marketing services: SEO optimisation & Pay per Click campaigns, social media management, email and sms marketing.

Tell us the Website you would like to realise. Our experts will help you finding the best solution for you and your business.


COMMED I A is a Communication and ICT Agency, Microsoft Gold certified, based in Lecce and operating throughout Italy. Specialized in Web Solutions, thanks to a team of both Sitefinity and SharePoint developers, it plans and realises projects in the fields of graphic and web design, advertising, social media and web marketing, press office, political communication, PR and events, training.

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