It's time for digital innovation: a revolutionary and successful way of thinking. COMMED I A and its team support your business change process to face and overcome every challenge. 

What is Digital Transformation?

"Digital Transformation" is the most discussed and rapidly evolving topic, in recent years, in the field of technology and not.

Digital Transformation is a new way of thinking, completely different from the past and thus revolutionary.

The technological impact contributes greatly to this transformation, the new tools bring fundamental benefits and power to this change process, that does not consist just in the adoption of a new technology.

Nowadays many try to innovate in every way. However compared to the past, the core of this revolution is not only technology but, principally, man and their way to create a new business model.

"Everyone can access technology, but the secret of success lies in perfecting their business model" (Ray Wang, Chief Analyst and Constellation Research DG - taken from, "New business model are the key to successful digital transformation ").

Digital Transformation: 6 key points

  1. Leadership: technology is the way. The company leader, developing an innovative view, will have to involve the interested stakeholders in the business change process as well.
  2. Organization: nothing can change without a transparent and shared organization, including human resources needs (employees, customers, suppliers) in making decisions.
  3. Employees Appreciation: transferring information and knowledge, in order to expand your business.
  4. Post-sale: interaction with your customers does not end with signing a contract. Creating post-sale channels, gathering post-sale information, allows you to enrich your knowledge about your customers' behavior and enables you to develop an increasingly targeted and customized offer.
  5. Products transformation: studying in depth your targets, you should identify new opportunities to develop your business.
  6. Learn from your mistakes: an effective information gathering and management system cannot fail in keeping track of your business activities, in order to better identify errors and learn from them.

Digital consultation: tailor-made solutions development

The Digital Transformation is a challenge, especially for the companies, both public or private ones.

COMMED I A identifies the most appropriate technological tools to meet each customer's needs, allowing them to win and overcome every challenge. For your success we make customised software solutions, communicationweb marketing campaigns and many other services.


Are you a company willing to face the Digital Tranformation challenge?

Our team will support you throughout the stages of the change process, proposing solutions for every business critical issue.


COMMED I A is a Communication and ICT Agency, Microsoft Gold certified, based in Lecce and operating throughout Italy. Specialized in Web Solutions, thanks to a team of both Sitefinity and SharePoint developers, it plans and realises projects in the fields of graphic and web design, advertising, social media and web marketing, press office, political communication, PR and events, training.

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