What is the Artificial Intelligence?

In the field of information technology, the term Artificial Intelligence (AI) refers to a set of technologies used to create hardware and software systems, able to understand and act following closely the human behavior.

Artificial Intelligence represents the authentic technological innovation of our era and its diffusion is constantly increasing, interesting both private and public companies.


Artificial Intelligence solutions development for companies

COMMED I A, Microsoft Gold partner, has accepted the ongoing technological change aiming to guarantee cognitive and Artificial Intelligence solutions for their business.
In order to develop AI systems, COMMED I A follows a path organised in different stages:

  1. Needs analysis and design of Artificial Intelligence solution: starting from the analysis of client's demands, we explore the different possibility to develop AI systems improving supplied products and services;
  2. Data collection: we develop accurate algorithms able to gather data automatically;
  3. Machine Learning algorithms: we develop systems with specific functionality to elaborate and analyse data, in order to allow machines to learn automatically;
  4. Results analysis: thanks to our inter-disciplinary Team, we define a set of qualitative and quantitative indicators, guaranteeing the measurement of the effect produced by the use of AI solutions, both from a sociological and technological point of view;
  5. Continuous monitoring: based on the results obtained in the previous stage, we try to identify possible improvements in the planned AI solution.

Examples of Artificial Intelligence solutions developed by COMMED I A

- Adaptive, multi-channel, omnichannel and self-learning chatbots

- Mobile application for the automotive sector

COMMED I A uses the Microsft Azure platform in order to develop intelligent algorithms that will be integrated in websites or apps. This platform offers secure and available cognitive services:

  • Artificial Vision services, allowing to identify video and image content
    • Scene and items recognition
    • Face detection
    • People Identification
  • Vocal synthesis, to integrate the voice processing computing ability in apps or services
    • Automatic speech recognition
    • Vocal identification
    • Automatic text-to-speech
  • Natural speech, allowing apps to understand the text and elaborate a natural language
    • Automatic language recognition
    • Contextual spell checking
    • Automated text translation

Would you like to adopt Artificial Intelligence technologies in your company?

Even though there is an increasing attention towards the AI, currently in Italy it is rarely used in companies. Beat your competitors and find out in which way the AI can improve your business.


COMMED I A is a Communication and ICT Agency, Microsoft Gold certified, based in Lecce and operating throughout Italy. Specialized in Web Solutions, thanks to a team of both Sitefinity and SharePoint developers, it plans and realises projects in the fields of graphic and web design, advertising, social media and web marketing, press office, political communication, PR and events, training.

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